Bastia Umbra (Umbria, central Italy) - Expo Elettronica/BastiaModelExpo 2019: electronics and model making

Expo Elettronica 2019 (XVI edition) and BastiaModelExpo (I edition)

Bastia Umbra (Umbria, central Italy) - Expo Elettronica/BastiaModelExpo: electronics and model making

Umbria events (conferences, workshops, trade markets and concerts) - Bastia Umbra (Umbria, central Italy) Expo Elettronica is a not-to-be-missed appointment in Umbria for electronics and its applications. The event is a meeting point between operators and fans: the opportunity to do good business is combined with the opportunity to join meetings and discussions. The product offer is vast: hardware, software, devices, peripherals, components, electronics, home automation, lighting, home security, small appliances, home entertainment, consumables and much more. Expo Elettronica attracts an increasingly vast and heterogeneous audience: from professionals looking for components for their PCs, to nerds with high tech aspirations, to teenagers interested in high-performance gaming, consoles and video games. Expo Elettronica also hosts specialized operators, offering microcircuitry, small parts, components and tools that today are almost impossible to be found. In this autumn edition, Expo Elettronica presents BastiaModelExpo, the new appointment dedicated to the world of model making. The format combines a market exhibition with a meeting point for exhibitors, associations and audiences. The calendar is rich of events and equipped areas host 360-degree modeling exhibitions: oil tankers and warships, vintage and modern trains, dioramas reproducing historical moments, an area for practical drone flying with VR viewers, a course for competitions with 3D scaler RC (4WD 1/10 model cars) and static modeling areas as far as the eye can see. Photo Market is the area dedicated to the world of photography: exhibitors offer vintage photographic equipment and second-hand occasions (both for analog and digital photography) and, again, vintage and modern bellows cameras, author photographs, enlargers and accessories for the darkroom and the pose room.

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