Bevagna (PG, Umbria, Italy) - Terrazza Umbria

TerrazzaUmbria InterVista (InterViews) the actress Eleonora Cucciarelli

Bevagna (PG, Umbria, Italy) - UmbriaCenter InterViews the actress Eleonora Cucciarelli

TerrazzaUmbria: L'InterVista (cinema & theaters, umbrian life, umbrian lifestyle) - Bevagna (Umbria, central Italy) First appointment with "L'InterVista" (The InterView), the new column that enriches the TerrazzaUmbria channel of UmbriaCenter TV. In this episode, UmbriaCenter InterViews the actress Eleonora Cucciarelli. Born in Spello (she's a Certified Umbrian), she now lives and works in London. In our InterView, the actress retraces some moments of her training and professional career in England and presents the new Feature Film A Dancing Jellyfish (Il Ballo delle Meduse), directed by Aurelio Laino, where Eleonora plays the lead character, Valentina. While still in production, the film was presented at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in the WIP category.

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